Pipex is a CRM web based application. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is one of the approaches where a company manages various customer interactions, past, present and potential, and analyses those data for the improvement of business. With the use of our application you can achieve your business goals with your fingertips.

Why Pipex?
  • Informative dashboard

    A graphical and chart interface to demonstrate various information at a glance.

  • Customer management

    Create Customers and Organizations including their type and manage them in a friendly interface.

  • Deal management

    Create Deals and maintain them in Interactive pipeline view. Deals can show status Won or Lost with the reason that is added.

  • Send Deal Proposals

    Deal Proposals can be sent without any help of third party mail service. Can create proposal templates with ease to save for later use or send a proposal.

  • Activity tracking

    With Calendar and basic list view all activities can be witnessed and filtered as per requirement.

  • Performance tracking

    Track all the performance in Reports according to Deals, Proposal And Pipeline view.

  • Permission and Role based User Creation

    Create roles as requirements and add employees under different roles as a user.

  • And many more

    Lots of other ways to stay ahead like notifications and custom fields to classify customers, organization and deals even more.